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Automation Actions

Master automation actions to define steps for your automation flows.

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What Are Actions?

Where triggers are the starting point in Taskade's automation, actions are the consequential steps that follow. They are the "then" in the "if this, then that" automation sequence. When a trigger's conditions are met, actions are executed to perform tasks automatically.

πŸ’‘ Note: New to automations? Check the Getting Started guide first.


Available Actions

Here are the actions you can use in your workflows:

Create Project

Sets up a new project in your workspace/folder.

Add Task

Adds a new task to an existing project.

Uses a pre-defined or custom template.

Move Task

Moves a task to a different space.

Assign Task

Assigns a task to someone.

Uses AI to answer questions.

Uses AI to generate content or responses.

Automatically provides AI-generated responses.

Uses a custom AI agent to respond to a query.

Uses a custom AI agent command.

Posts a message to a selected Slack channel.

Sends a personal message to a Slack user.

Sends an email through Gmail to a specified recipient.

Adds a new row to a Google Sheets document.

Creates a new contact in Mailchimp.

Publishes a new post on WordPress.

Sends out a text message via Twilio.

Creates a new contact in HubSpot CRM.

Creates a new deal in HubSpot CRM.

Makes an API request to an endpoint.

Filter Data

Perform actions only when the data meets a certain condition.

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