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Use custom AI agents as part of your automation flows.

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What Is Agent Automation?

You now connect your favorite apps and services directly to your Custom AI Agents, and enjoy a new level of personalized automation. Agents are designed to respond to the specific context of your tasks, providing relevant actions and information tailored to the precise needs of your workflow.


Custom Agent Actions

Here are the actions you can use in your workflows:

(ACTION) Ask Agent

Uses a custom AI agent to respond to a query.

(ACTION) Run Agent Command

Uses a custom AI agent command.

Agent Automation Settings

Connector options give you full control over Agent automations:

Action: Ask Agent




Choose the AI agent that you will be asking a question. This field is required.


Type in your question or command for the AI agent. You can type "@" or click the βž• plus button to insert data dynamically.

Action: Run Agent Command




Select the AI agent that will execute the command. This field is required.


Choose the specific command you want the AI agent to run. This field is required.


Optionally, provide additional input for the command if needed. You can type "@" or click the βž• plus button to insert data.

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