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What Is Taskade AI Automation?

The Taskade AI connector adds a layer of generative AI to your automations. It's designed to assist you with various activities like answering queries, generating text, rewriting documents, creating tasks, and brainstorming ideas, all seamlessly integrated with your favorite apps and services.


Taskade AI Triggers and Actions

Here are the triggers & actions you can use in your workflows:


Use this action to query the AI with a specific question or request.

(ACTION) Generate with AI

Trigger this action to prompt the AI to generate content such as text, code, or other specified formats.

(ACTION) Respond with AI

Select this action to have the AI provide a response to a given situation, message, or dataset, simulating a conversational exchange or decision-making process.

Taskade AI Automation Settings

Connector options give you full control over Taskade AI automations:




Choose one of the available Taskade AI workflows to match your use case.


Input the specific prompt to determine the behavior of Taskade AI. You can type "@" or click βž• to insert relevant data from the previous automation steps.


Provide additional data or context that the AI should consider when generating a response. You can type "@" or click βž• to insert relevant data dynamically.

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