AI Project Studio (Mobile)
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πŸ€” What Is AI Project Studio?

The AI Project Studio is a powerful tool that lets you generate all kinds of projects using the power of AI, from simple to-do lists to complete marketing campaigns. You can use it to:

  • Kickstart new projects in seconds.

  • Outline documents and workflows.

  • Structure and organize complex projects.

  • And much more...


πŸͺ„ Generate Projects

Use the AI Generator to create complete project workflows from scratch.

  1. Navigate to your workspace or folder.

  2. Tap the βž• New project button ➑ AI Project Studio.

    • Method #1: Choose a category, select a topic, and provide project details.

    • Method #2:Tap πŸ€– Custom and define the project you want to generate.

  3. Tap Preview and Create Project to use the generated workflow.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit πŸͺ„ Taskade AI Generator for a desktop version of this feature.


πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈ AI Project Studio Use Cases

Run out of ideas? Here a few popular uses cases for the AI Project Studio:

Use Case


New Project

"Generate a project plan for an online boutique startup including key milestones, marketing strategies, and inventory management."


"Create an outline for a comprehensive user manual for a new software product, including sections on installation, features, troubleshooting, and FAQs."

Project Structure

"Develop a detailed workflow for a cross-functional team project in software development, including phases of development, roles, and timelines."

Brainstorming Session

"Provide a list of innovative mobile app ideas for health and wellness, focusing on unique features and user engagement strategies."

Marketing Campaign

"Outline a 6-month digital marketing campaign for a newly launched fitness product, including social media strategy, content calendar, and KPIs."

Team Organization

"Generate a responsibility matrix for a project team in an event management company, detailing roles, tasks, and deadlines for an upcoming conference."

Product Development

"Create a roadmap for the development of an eco-friendly packaging material, including research, design, testing, and market launch stages."

Strategic Business Planning

"Draft a three-year strategic plan for a tech startup focusing on market expansion, product diversification, and partnership opportunities."

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