Taskade AI Chat (Mobile)
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What Is the AI Chat?

Taskade’s AI Chat is an AI chatbot that will help you generate task lists and notes, summarize text, write content, and more, all on your iOS/Android device.

Start a Chat (iOS / Android)

  1. Go to your workspace in iOS/Android.

  2. Click the 🤖 Taskade AI at the top.

  3. Type commands or ask questions in natural language.

  4. Press ⌨️ Enter to generate a response.

  5. Click Copy to save the output or ➕ Create Project to paste it to the editor.

💡 Note: Taskade will save your chat history so you can continue the conversation when you re-open the AI Chat window. If you want to delete the conversation, tap the three dots ··· in the top-right corner and choose 🗑️ Clear history.


Code Support

Taskade AI Chat can generate and show code snippets for all your projects.

  1. Open the 🤖 AI Chat.

  2. Ask for code snippets or help with coding problems.

  3. Copy the output or turn it into a project using the buttons at the bottom.


Add AI Chat Shortcut to Home Screen (Android)

Need a quick access to the AI Chat? Simply add a widget to your home screen:

  1. Open Taskade and tap the 🤖 Taskade AI button.

  2. Tap the three dots ··· in the top-right corner.

  3. Choose 🏠 Add Taskade AI to Home Screen.

  4. Adjust the widget settings or tap Add to finish.

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