What Is the Workflow Generator?

Starting a project from scratch is time-consuming. The Workflow Generator is a powerful tool that uses GPT-4 to simplify this process and automatically generate workflows based on your requirements. You can use the generator for all kinds of projects, both business and personal, including:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Map out your entire marketing campaign, from planning to evaluating campaign effectiveness.
  • ∴ Project Management: Generate project activities, major deliverables, and important deadlines to keep your projects on track.
  •   Sales Pipelines: Create a sales pipeline workflow, complete with revenue targets and key stages of the sales process.
  • Research Studies: Outline research steps, such as design, data collection, analysis, and presentation.
  • And more!


儭 Use the Generator

You can access the Workflow Generator in four ways at the top of the list of projects in your workspace / folder, in the New project drop-down menu, at the top of an active project's chat box, and inside the editor to generate blocks (see next section).

To get started, click the AI generator icon  and follow the steps below:

  1. Describe your project in the generator field, or
  2. Choose one of the available prompts and customize it.
  3. Click  Create Project to use the generated workflow.



Generate Blocks

The Block Generator allows you to quickly insert AI-generated blocks in the editor. No matter which project view you're working with, the generator will help you populate your project with checklists, bullets, and other types of organized content.

  1. Open any of your projects.
  2. Hover the mouse at the top / bottom of the editor.
  3. Click Add Block and select AI Generator.
  4. Define a new block or choose one of the prompts from the list.
  5. Click 剁 Enter to generate a block.
  6. Click Insert Block to add the new block to the editor.



Prompt Ideas

Want to get the most of the Workflow Generator? Here are a few prompt ideas you can try next:

Personal Workflows Business/Professional Workflows

"Step-by-step guide to planning a personal budget"

"Mind map for a team brainstorming meeting"

"Checklist for meal planning and grocery shopping"

"Step-by-step guide to launching a startup"

"Action plan for personal health and fitness goals"

"Flowchart for managing a digital marketing campaign"

"Timeline for planning a [provide details of an event]"

"Action plan for planning and executing a corporate event"

"Roadmap for self-learning [describe a skill or hobby]"

"Timeline for developing and launching a new product"

"Strategic plan for achieving personal education goals"

"Checklist for onboarding and training new employees"

"Workflow for managing personal investments and savings"

"Roadmap for implementing a new business strategy"


Check our AI Templates and Generators for more ideas. 


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