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What Is the AI Assistant?

The Taskade AI Assistant is a versatile tool that will help you write, edit, and proofread all kinds of documents in the project editor. You can also use the Assistant to brainstorm ideas, organize and prioritize tasks, and summarize long-form content, all using convenient /AI commands.

💡 Note: The AI Assistant is only one of the ways we use artificial intelligence at Taskade. Check Taskade AI (iOS & Android), AI Project Studio, and AI Chat next.

How to Use the AI Assistant

You can access the AI Assistant in several ways:

  1. By clicking the ➕ Add-ons menu button.

  2. By typing one of the AI commands (see below) in the project editor.

  3. By selecting text/tasks in the project editor.


AI Commands

To use Taskade AI, type a question or text followed by one of the slash commands and press ⌨️ Enter. You can also press ⌨️ Space at the start of a line to open the assistant.

🤖 /assistant

Open the AI Assistant menu.

🟤 /subtask

Generate subtasks for a parent task.

⚪️ /brainstorm

Discover and explore new, exciting ideas.

🟢 /outline

Structure and organize your document.

🔴 /expand

Expand and enrich your content to be more descriptive.

🔵 /rewrite

Improve the legibility and clarity of your writing.

🟠 /summarize

Turn long content into a quick summary.

🟡 /ask

Answer questions based on AI's existing knowledge.

🟣 /translate

Translate text into one of the available languages.

🟧 /prioritize

Prioritize tasks based on their importance.

Search the web to find more information about a topic.

🟪 /SEO (agent)

Fetch top 10 Google Search results for given keywords.

Draw expert insights from a team of AI agents.

🟥 Fix spelling and grammar

Improve the structure and flow of documents.

Insert, Replace, Regenerate

Once the AI assistant has generated your output, you can:

  • ➕ Click Insert (or press ⌨️ Enter) to add the generated text to the project.

  • 🔁 Click Replace (or press ⌨️ Shift + Enter) to replace the active line.

  • ↩️ Click Regenerate (or press ⌨️ R + Enter) to start over.


AI Multi-Select

Did you know that you can select multiple tasks and notes to generate AI-powered summaries, prioritize tasks, generate action items, and more?

  1. Click and hold the left mouse button.

  2. Drag the cursor up or down to select nodes.

  3. Choose the AI Assistant icon from the Multi-Select Toolbar.

  4. Select the AI action you want to perform (see the previous section).


AI Reprompting

Once the AI Assistant has finished, you can modify the output in several ways:

  • ✏️ Click Continue writing to add more elements to the output.

  • 🔘 Click Make longer to expand on the generated text.

  • ↩️ Reprompt by typing follow-up prompts (e.g. "translate to Spanish").


Use Custom Agent Commands

The Assistant also lets you access all your custom AI Agent commands:

  1. Open a project in the workspace/folder where you created an agent.

  2. Type / + the name of your custom command, e.g. "/task breakdown".

    • You don't need to type the entire command.

  3. Press ⌨️ Enter to execute the command.


Prompt Templates Library

Run out of ideas? Taskade features dozens of AI prompt templates to choose from.

  1. To access AI prompts:

    • Click the AI Prompts button at the top of the AI Chat, or

    • Click your profile avatar (top right) ➡ AI Prompt Templates.

  2. Choose a prompt and click Copy to save it to the clipboard.

  3. Paste the prompt to the Workflow Generator, AI Assistant, or AI Chat.


Choose a Language for AI Responses

AI responds in the language of a prompt. Here's how to change the output language:

  • (method #1) Specify language in the prompt.

    • e.g. "Respond in Spanish: What's the weather like in Madrid?"

  • (method #2) Provide context in the target language.

    • e.g. "¿Cómo está el clima en Madrid?" will receive a response in Spanish.

Taskade AI Use Cases

Looking for creative ways to use Taskade AI? Start with these ideas:

Brainstorm Ideas

Generate ideas, expand topics, and come up with solutions to problems, e.g. "Generate articles ideas on topic X" + ⌨️ /brainstorm.

Generate Outlines

Create a comprehensive outline for your article or business report, e.g. "topic/title of your document" + ⌨️ /outline.


Use the assistant as a starting point for your writing. Draft scripts, articles, reports, project plans, memos, emails, and more. Start with the basics, e.g. "topic/format of your document" + ⌨️ /expand.

Improve Your Writing

Rewrite sentences and paragraphs in a specific tone to make them clear and effective, e.g. "Rewrite in a persuasive tone" +⌨️ /rewrite.

Find Information Quickly

Ask Taskade AI all kinds of questions to find information on a wide range of topics, e.g. "How far away is the moon" + ⌨️ /ask.

Summarize Long-Form Content

Use ⌨️ /summarize to turn long meeting minutes or your reading notes into condensed, bite-sized summaries.

Create Meeting Agendas

Create high-level meeting agendas for your next team sync-up. e.g. "Create a meeting agenda for a 15-minute meeting" + ⌨️ /outline.

💡 Note: While Taskade AI is a powerful and versatile tool, it has a few limitations in its current stage of development. Like any other machine learning model, Taskade AI may make mistakes or produce unintended results. It is always a good idea to verify and double-check the output for incorrect information, biased answers, or inconsistencies.

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