What Are Project Views?
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Taskade stores your tasks and notes in a tree-structured database that allows you and your team to work the way you feel the most productive. Each project view offers a unique way of visualizing and interacting with your project data.

There are seven views you can choose from (click the links to learn more):

The Origami Method

In Origami, you're always working with paper while shaping it. In Taskade, you're always working with a project while switching between project views. The project data itself doesn't change, only how you view itβ€”hence the name project views.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit Origami Method for Project Management to learn more.

Choosing a Project View

Click the icons at the top of your project to toggle views. Your data is "persistent," which means that changing views doesn't affect project contents.


You can set a default view for your project by selecting the current view again. The next time anyone visits the project, it will open in the default view.


πŸ’‘ Note: You can only access project views on the Web browser and Desktop App.

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