๐Ÿค” What Is the Action View?

The Action view is one of the six Project views available in Taskade. It lets you view tasks in a table organized into customizable columns. You can reorder, resize, and hide columns to better match the type of project you're working on.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: Visit Project Views to learn more about other workflows in Taskade.



โš™๏ธ Enable the Action View

  1. Click the 4th icon in the top navigation bar to enable the Action view.
  2. Click the icon again to set the view as default.


๐Ÿ‘ Resize, Reorder, or Hide Columns

  1. Resize: click and hold a column divider and drag it to the left or right.
  2. Reorder: click and hold a column header and drag it to the left or right.
  3. Hide: click ยทยทยท next to a column header โžก "Hide column" hide-column.png
  4. Show: click the โž• button at the end of a table to add columns again.
    • You may need to scroll horizontally to the right to see the โž• button.



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