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AI Teams

Assign a group of agents to collaborate together.

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What is an AI Team?

An AI Team is a group of AI agents designed to work together seamlessly. When you create an AI Team, you can collaborate with all the agents simultaneously and leverage their collective expertise. In a team, the agents automatically select the most qualified member to respond to ensure you receive the best possible answer.

💡 Note: In a team setting, agents build on each other’s responses and, depending on the tools you have configured, perform actions on your behalf.

Create an AI Team

Creating an AI Team only takes a few seconds.

  1. Go to the AI Teams at the top of your workspace or folder.

  2. Click the ➕ Create Team button.

  3. Choose a name for your team and select the agents you’d like to include.

    • You need at least 2 agents to get started

💡 Note: Read our AI Agents guide to learn how to create individual AI agents.

Interact With Your AI Team

Interacting with your team is similar to interacting with individual agents, with the key difference being that all team members are aware of the conversation.

  1. Go to the AI Teams.

  2. Select your AI team from the list.

  3. Start a conversation as usual.

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