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AI Agent Chat

Engage in discussions with your AI agents for tailored advice and problem-solving.

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What Is Agent Chat?

Agent Chat is a revolutionary way of interacting with AI that lets you experience the power of tailored, context-aware responses from your custom AI agents.

💡 Note: New to AI agents? Read our Custom AI Agents guide first.

Agent Chat vs. Generic AI Chats?

Every custom AI agent you create comes with a unique knowledge base, tone, and style. This means that the answers and guidance provided by agents are more tailored and specific compared to regular AI chats. Here are a few more differences:

🟢 AI Agent Chat

🔵 Generic AI Chats

Knowledge Base

Fully customizable; agents can learn and adapt from your specific projects and the knowledge you upload to your workspaces.

Based on general, broad knowledge with no customization.

Tone and Style

Tailored to your preferences and needs. Interactions match your desired tone and style.

Standard, one-size-fits-all responses that require additional prompts to customize tone and style.

Context Awareness

Agents are context-aware, capable of understanding and integrating information from your projects to provide contextually relevant answers.

No context awareness.

Response Relevance

Delivers highly relevant and focused responses that are directly aligned with your tasks and projects.

Responses can be vague or off-topic, often requiring additional clarification.

Start an Agent Chat

You can interact with your custom AI agents in many different ways:

Method #1: Agents Tab

  • Navigate to the Agents tab at the top of your workspace.

  • Select your custom AI agent.

  • Click ➕ New chat to start a new conversation.

  • Ask your agent questions or type / to show a list of custom agent commands.

    • You can also click the Commands button underneath the chat window.

Method #2: Project Chat

  • Open a project and click the chat balloon icon 💬 (bottom-right).

  • Use the drop-down menu at the top of the chat to choose an agent.

  • Chat with your agent or type / to use custom agent commands.

  • Click Copy to save the output, or Add to Project to paste it into the editor.

Method #3: Agent Toolbar

  • Create agents following the steps in this article.

  • Agents will be added to a sidebar on the right.

  • Click avatars in the sidebar to interact with your agents.

Use Threaded Conversations

You can engage in multiple conversations with the same agent concurrently.

  1. Focused conversations: Keep multiple chat threads with the same AI agent neatly organized, each tailored for specific topics or projects.

  2. Customized interaction: Each chat maintains its unique context, which makes it easier to manage complex tasks without confusion.

Here's how it works:

  • Open the agent chat (only applies to methods 1 and 3)

  • Click ➕ New chat to start a conversation.

  • Use the New chat button in the sidebar on the left to create new threads.

    • Repeat the step as many times as you need.

  • Click the time-stamped items in the sidebar to resume conversations.

  • Click the three dots ··· next to a thread ➡ Delete chat to remove or rename it.

Quick Add

You can instantly add any agent message into a project with Quick Add.

  • Start a new chat with your agent.

  • Click the ➕ icon under the agent's message.

  • Choose where you want to add the output.

  • Click Add to project to confirm.

Format Messages

You can use Markdown syntax to format and structure your prompts:

💡 Vist: Visit Markdown Support to learn more.

🛠️ Feature

⌨️ Syntax






Double underline __test__

Block quote

> block quote



Inline code

```inline code```

Code block




Unordered list

- or *

Ordered list

1., 2., 3., etc.

Code Block Support

Agents can generate code snippets in the agent chat. This feature is useful for quick prototyping, debugging, and even learning new programming concepts.

  1. Start a conversation with your agent.

  2. Ask the agent to generate code.

    • e.g. "generate a Python function to sort a list”
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the code block.

  4. Click Copy to save the code block to the clipboard.


Agents can render data in table format to make it easier to read and analyze. This is useful for organizing information in reports, comparisons, and schedules.

  1. Start a conversation with your agent.

  2. Ask the agent to generate in a table format.

    • e.g. “generate a table that summarizes global sales of EVs"
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the table.

  4. Click Copy to save the table to the clipboard.

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