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Generate custom AI agents for any task in seconds.

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What Is AI Agent Generator?

Haven't found the agent template you need? Not sure where to start? The AI Agent Generator lets you instantly generate AI agents with specific prompts and commands.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our guide to Custom AI Agents to learn more.

How to Get Started

  • Go to the Agents tab at the top of your workspace/folder.

  • Click βž• Create agent.

  • Click Generate in the Generate Agent tile.

  • (method #1) Describe the type of agent you want to create.

  • (method #2) Choose one of the prompt examples.

  • Click Generate and wait for the generator to finish.

  • (optional) Customize your agent's:

    • Name: Identifies your agent in the chat and within projects.

    • Instructions: Master prompt that describe the agent's purpose.

    • Commands: Agent actions accessible in the chat and within projects.

    • Language: The language you want the agent to communicate in.

  • Click Create to add the agent to the Agents tab.

Use the New Agent

There are several ways you can use your custom AI agents:

  • (method #1) Agent Sidebar

    • Click avatars in the sidebar to interact with agents.

  • (method #2) Agent Chat

    1. Navigate to the Agents tab.

    2. Select your custom AI agent.

    3. Start a conversation and ask your agent questions.

    4. Click Copy to save the output.

πŸ’‘ Note: Type "/" to show the list of custom agent commands in the chat.


    1. Open a project in the workspace/folder where you created the agent.

    2. Type / + the name of your custom command, e.g. "/task breakdown"

      • You don't need to type the entire command.

    3. Press ⌨️ Enter to execute the command.


  • (method #4) Add-Ons Menu

    1. Select a task or paragraph.

    2. Click the βž• Add-Ons button on the right ➑ πŸ€– AI Agent.

    3. Choose a custom agent command from the list.


  • (method #5) Project Chat

    1. Open a project and click the chat balloon icon πŸ’¬ (bottom-right).

    2. Click the button at the top of the chat window.

    3. Choose your custom AI agent from the list.

      • Type your prompts to interact with the agent.

      • Type "/" to show the list of custom agent commands.

    4. Click Copy to save the output, or Add to Project to paste it into the editor.

πŸ’‘ Note: AI Agents are pre-trained on the projects you are currently working on, which means they can now engage in context-aware conversations.


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