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Twilio Integration

Use the Twilio integration to manage SMS communication workflows.

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The Twilio integration allows you to enhance your communication by ensuring that important messages are sent and tracked to keep your team informed.

You can use Taskade's Twilio integration in several ways.

Add Twilio to Agent Tools

Connecting your Custom AI Agents with Twilio to give them the ability to send text messages based on the context of your projects and tasks.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our guide to AI Agent Tools to learn more.

What Is Twilio Automation?

The Twilio automation allows you to automatically send SMS notifications or alerts directly from your projects. This connector is perfect for sending critical updates and timely reminders straight to the phones of your team members or clients.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our Automation Guide to learn more.

Twilio Triggers & Actions

Here are the triggers & actions you can use in your workflows:


Sends out a text message via Twilio.

Twilio Automation Settings

Connector options give you full control over the Twilio automation:




Connect your Taskade account to Twilio by clicking. This step is required.


Choose the phone number from which the SMS will be sent. This field is required and you may select from numbers you have configured in your Twilio account.


Type the content of the SMS in the provided space. You can dynamically insert data using the βž• button or typing "@" and selecting the data points.


Enter the recipient's phone number where the SMS will be sent. This field is required and you can also dynamically insert data by typing "@".

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