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WordPress Integration

Use the WordPress automation integration to automate content management workflows.

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You can now show off your work and share your best notes with the world! Taskade lets you embed Projects inside WordPress pages using a simple viewer-only embed code.

You can use Taskade's WordPress integration in several ways.

Add Gmail to Agent Tools

Connecting your Custom AI Agents with WordPress gives them the ability to generate and send article drafts straight to the WordPress editor.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our guide to AI Agent Tools to learn more.

Build WordPress Automations

WordPress automation is your toolkit for simplifying content management on your website. By defining actions in Taskade that correspond to events on your WordPress site, you can automate content updates, post publications, and more.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our Automation Guide to learn more.

WordPress Triggers & Actions

Here are the triggers & actions you can use in your workflows:

(ACTION) Create post

Publishes a new post on WordPress.

WordPress Automation Settings

Connector options give you full control over the WordPress automation:




To get started, connect your WordPress account by clicking the Connect to WordPress button. This will allow the automation to interface with your WordPress site.


Choose the post type to classify your content on WordPress, such as a standard post or a custom post type, depending on what your site supports.


Enter the title of your post in this field. Type @ or click the βž• button on the right to insert an output the previous steps of your automation.


This is where you will compose the main body of your WordPress post. Like the title, you can also insert dynamic content by typing @ or using the βž• button.

πŸ’‘ Note: If you receive an error where the post type is unable to be displayed, this is most likely caused by the hosting service blocking API calls to your website. Please contact your corresponding hosting service for further assistance

Embed Projects in WordPress

Follow the instructions below to embed your Project in WordPress:

  1. Open the Taskade Project you want to embed

  2. Click the Share button (top-right corner) ➑ Invite to project

  3. Go to the < >Embed tab and click Copy

  4. Start editing your WordPress page

  5. Type /html, click Custom HTML, and paste the embed code

  6. Click Embed to finish.

πŸ’‘ Note: Don't use the πŸ”— Invite Link from the Share menu. You need to select the < > Embed tab and use the viewer-only embed code. To learn how to embed Taskade other apps like Notion, visit Embed in Notion.



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