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What Are Triggers?

Triggers are the backbone of automation in Taskade. They are predefined conditions that, when met, initiate a series of automated actions within. Essentially, they're the "if" part of an "if this, then that" equation, monitoring for specific events or changes.

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Available Triggers

Here are the triggers you can use in your workflows:


Triggers actions through signals received from external services.

Task Completed

Activates when a task is marked as completed.

Task Assigned

Triggers when a task is assigned to you or a team member inside a project.

New Comment

Responds to new comments made on tasks.

New Due Date

Sets off a sequence of tasks when a task is due.

Event Scheduled

Begins automation when a new event is scheduled in Calendly.

Event Canceled

Triggers when a scheduled event in Calendly is canceled.

New Message

Triggers when a new message is submitted in Slack.

New Submission

Activates upon receiving a new form submission in Typeform.

New Email

Kicks off actions when a new email arrives in Gmail.

New Row

Triggers when a new row is added to Google Sheets.

New Response

Initiates a process with a new response in Google Forms.

New Form Submission

Initiates an action with a new form submission in Webflow.

New Response

Initiates a process with a new response in SurveyMonkey.

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