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Taskade AI Requests

Understand what Taskade AI Requests are how they are used.

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📣 Important: As part of our commitment to transparency and ease of use, we have moved from the credits system to more straightforward AI requests.

Is Taskade AI Free?

Due to the costs associated with GPT-4 and OpenAI, Taskade AI cannot be offered for free. The development and storage of personalized Custom AI Agents, Workflow Generations, and project and document analyses involve substantial real costs.

💡 Note: Upgrade to our premium plans to access unlimited AI usage.

What Are AI Requests?

An AI request is an interaction with GPT-4 premium models in Taskade AI, encompassing single operations like sending a message, generating content, summarizing a document, or crafting a workflow.

These requests allow you to automate tasks and generate content through your AI Agents and Taskade AI, significantly boosting productivity.

How Are Requests Used?

  • One operation equals one request: Each interaction with Taskade AI, such as generating a list of tasks, counts as one request.

  • Transparent tracking: There’s no need to worry about word counts or the complexity of your request. Every operation is treated the same.

  • Monthly refresh: Your AI requests are replenished in full at the start of your billing cycle every month, so you'll always start fresh.

Here’s How Our New Plans Work

  • Free Plan: Ideal for trying out Taskade, with 5 AI requests/month.

  • Pro Plan: Perfect for builders, offering 500 AI requests per user/month.

  • Team Plan: Designed for teams, offering 1000 AI requests per user/month.

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact us for customized plans and offerings starting at $1000/m.

To increase your monthly AI Requests, you can add more seats to your subscription. This expands your shared pool of AI Requests, ensuring you have the necessary AI capabilities, whether you operate solo or as part of a growing team.

Which AI Features Consume AI Requests?

AI credit consumption in Taskade is mainly associated with the following features:

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