Account Settings (Desktop)
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πŸ€” What Are Account Settings?

Account Settings allow you to manage and adjust your personal details, preferences, and security options for your account. It's the control center for customizing your Taskade experience!

To access your Taskade account settings:

  1. Click your profile picture (top-right corner).

  2. Select βš™οΈ Settings.

  3. Move between menus using the navigation mane on the left.

  4. (optional) You can also visit


βš™οΈ General

In this section, you can change your basic account information including username, email address, time zone, language, and more.

You can also access three additional tabs:

  • Password: Change your password and set up multi-factor authentication.

  • Connected Accounts: Enable or disable connections to Google and Apple.

  • Sessions: Browse recent sessions/devices and revoke access.


🎁 Credits

Manage all aspects of Taskade's referral program:


βΈ¬ Integrations

Enable integrations to make Taskade even more powerful:

  • Calendar Feed: Enable one-way calendar sync with Google, Apple, our Outlook.

  • Google Calendar: Enable two-way calendar sync with Google Calendar.

  • Zapier: Connect with thousands of apps and services in Zapier's catalog.


πŸ”” Notifications

Set notifications for all your workspaces/folders on desktop, mobile, and in a web browser.


πŸ—ƒοΈ Archives

Restore or delete all your archived workspaces and folders. Visit πŸ›  Manage a Workspace to learn more.


⚑️ Plans

Manage your pricing plan and unlock premium features for your workspaces:


βš™οΈ Settings

Manage your active workspaces:

  • Overview: Check your current plan and billable members / delete your workspace.

  • Members: View and manage workspace members.

  • Folders: View and manage all folders inside the workspace.

  • Invoices: View invoices and change billing options (see the ⚑️ Plans section).


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