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Upgrade to Premium Plans

Upgrade to Taskade Premium plans for enhanced features and tools.

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What Are Premium Plans?

Taskade is available for everyone to use for free, but if you're a power user or need advanced collaboration features, we also offer various premium plans you can choose from. Visit the πŸ’³ Pricing Page for a full comparison of personal and business plans.

πŸ’‘ Note: You don't need to purchase additional plans if you want to use Taskade on different platforms. One subscription gives you access to all our apps.

How to Upgrade

  1. Open Taskade in a browser and click your profile picture in the top-right corner.

  2. Select ⚑️ Upgrade, and choose one of the available pricing plans.

  3. Select Buy, choose your billing cycle, and enter your credit card information.

πŸ’‘ Note: If you're upgrading between plans, you will only pay the prorated difference. For example, if you're subscribed to the annual Starter plan and want to upgrade to Plus, the cost will be calculated by deducting the daily rate of the Starter plan (total annual cost divided by 365) for each day used from the original payment. The remainder is applied to the Plus plan.

Upgrade Your Workspaces

In order to fully use your paid plan, you need to upgrade your workspaces.

  1. Go to Settings ➑ Billing.

  2. Select the Workspace(s) you want to upgrade and click Upgrade.

  3. And that's it! πŸ₯³


Add Seats / Members


Click Manage ➑ Update Plan.


Select the desired Quantity, click Continue, and complete the last step.

You can now invite and add additional members to your workspaces.


Definitions and Billing Rules

  • Members: Members are individuals who are part of a workspace or a specific folder within Taskade. They have been granted access by an admin or the workspace owner and can actively collaborate and contribute. Members are billed, as they use resources and contribute to the collaborative environment of a paid workspace.

  • Guests: Guests are users who have been given access to view or contribute to a project without being a full member of the workspace. Guests are not billed as they are considered temporary contributors.

  • Seats: A seat represents a subscription slot available for a member in the workspace. Each paid plan includes a certain number of seats, which are filled by the members. Each seat is billed, and the cost is associated with the overall subscription plan of the workspace.

  • Users: The term "user" generally refers to anyone who has created an account with Taskade. Users can be either billed or not, depending on whether they occupy a seat as a member in a paid workspace or participate as a guest.



Access Level



An individual with full access to a workspace/folder and its projects; members actively collaborate and contribute.




A user with limited access to specific projects for viewing or contributing without full membership.




Anyone who has created a Taskade account, which can include both members and guests.

Varies (member or guest)


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