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Taskade Calendar

Schedule tasks, set deadlines, and track project timelines in one place.

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What Is the Taskade Calendar?

The Calendar displays all tasks and projects with due dates and/or date ranges across all workspaces. To access the Calendar, click the 🗓️ Calendar button in the navigation pane on the left or simply visit

Use the Calendar

  1. Go to your workspace or folder.

  2. Click the 🗓 calendar icon from the navigation menu on the left.

  3. Choose a date cell in the Calendar to add a task.

  4. (optional) Choose a taraget Workspace/Folder/Project.

💡 Note: Visit 🗓 Calendar Integrations and 📆 Google Calendar Two-Way Sync to learn how to sync Taskade with other calendar apps.


Filter Calendar Events

Managing multiple projects at the same time? Here's how to filter Calendar events

  1. Click the 𓃌 drop-down menu at the top of the calendar.

  2. Filter events by Workspace/Folder or

  3. Use the button to the right to filter the calendar by task owner.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Recurring tasks only appear once on my calendar; I want to see every occurrence—how do I do that?

A) This is intended—recurring tasks will only show once on your calendar. Once the task has been completed, the next recurrence of that task will appear.

Q) I only see one Taskade calendar in Google Calendar but have many folders and projects. Is this an issue?

A) All your folders and projects are synced to one Taskade calendar on Google Calendar. They are not separated by folder/project.

Q) I've created tasks in Taskade but they are not showing up on Google Calendar.

A) The tasks must have due dates and be assigned to you. Make sure that the tasks are created in an upgraded synced workspace/folder.

Q) I've created tasks in Google Calendar but they are not showing up on the Taskade calendar.

A) Events need to be created in Google Calendar to sync to Taskade calendar. Creating Google Calendar tasks will not work.

Q) My other Google Calendar events are not syncing with Taskade, why?

A) Any existing events in your other calendars besides the one named "Taskade" will not appear in the Taskade calendar. Any event created in Google Calendar must be created under the "Taskade" calendar for it to show up in Taskade.

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