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Gmail Integration

Use the Gmail integration to streamline email workflows.

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The Gmail integration lets you enhance your communication and workflow automation by seamlessly linking your email activities with tasks and projects.

You can use Taskade's Gmail integration in several ways.

Add Gmail to Agent Tools

Connecting your Custom AI Agents with Gmail gives them the ability to send emails and seamlessly links your email communication with your tasks and projects.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our guide to AI Agent Tools to learn more.

Gmail Automation

Configure Taskade to send emails via Gmail when specific triggers occur, such as project updates or task deadlines, or trigger actions in Taskade when new emails arrrive.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit our Automation Guide to learn more.

Gmail Triggers & Actions

Here are the triggers & actions you can use in your workflows:

(TRIGGER) New Email

Kicks off actions when a new email arrives in Gmail.

(ACTION) Send email

Sends an email through Gmail to a specified recipient.

Gmail Automation Settings

Connector options give you full control over the Gmail automation:




Connect your Taskade account to your personal or business Gmail account.


Enter the recipients' email addresses separated by commas.


Type the subject line for the email that will be sent out.


Type the message in the provided space or use pre-defined elements/click βž• for more options.


Add the email addresses of other recipients you want to copy on the email. These recipients will be visible to everyone who receives the email.


If you prefer to send an HTML-formatted email, use this field to input your HTML code with styles, links, and structured layouts.


If you want to compose an HTML email, type your HTML code here. You can include command results by typing '@'.


Specify an alternate email address that recipients should use when replying to your email. This is useful if you want responses to be sent to a different email address than the sending address.


Choose the sending email address from your connected Gmail accounts. This is especially useful if you manage multiple email addresses.

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