🤔 What Is Taskade AI?

Taskade AI is a powerful productivity assistant that uses machine learning to help you work more efficiently. It can answer complex questions, brainstorm ideas, edit documents, and organize long-form content in seconds.

💡 Note: Taskade AI is part of our /slash command menu. Visit ⚡ Slash Commands to learn more.

⚡️ AI Commands

To use Taskade AI, type a question or text followed by one of the five slash commands and press ⌨️ Enter:

  • 🟢 /outline: Structure and organize your document.
  • 🟡 /ask: Answer questions based on AI's existing knowledge.
  • 🔴 /expand: Expand and enrich your content to be more descriptive.
  • 🔵 /rewrite: Improve the legibility and clarity of your writing.
  • 🟠 /summarize: Turn long content into a quick summary.



🔢 How to Get Started

Looking for creative ways to apply Taskade AI to your workflow? Here are a few ideas:

  • Generate document outlines: Create a comprehensive outline for your article or business report, e.g. "topic/title of your document" + ⌨️ /outline.
  • Improve your writing: Rewrite sentences and paragraphs in a specific tone to make them clear and effective, e.g. "rewrite in a persuasive tone" +⌨️ /rewrite
  • Find information quickly: Ask Taskade AI all kinds of questions to find information on a wide range of topics, e.g. "how far away is the moon" + ⌨️ /ask.
  • Brainstorm ideas: Generate ideas, expand on topics, and come up with creative solutions to problems, e.g. "generate articles ideas on topic X" + ⌨️ /expand.
  • Summarize long-form content: Use ⌨️ /summarize to turn long meeting minutes or your reading notes into condensed, bite-sized summaries.
  • Create meeting agendas: Create high-level meeting agendas for your next team sync-up. e.g. "create a meeting agenda for a 15-minute meeting" + ⌨️ /expand.
  • Think outside the box: Switch to the Mind Map view to create a visual representation of concepts, problems, and ideas with ⌨️ /expand.
💡 Note: While Taskade AI is a powerful and versatile tool, it has a few limitations in its current stage of development. Like any other machine learning model, Taskade AI may make mistakes or produce unintended results. It is always a good idea to verify and double-check the output for incorrect information, biased answers, or inconsistencies.

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