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Taskade for Writers

Use Taskade to manage your writing workflow. Brainstorm writing projects, outline documents, write drafts, and collaborate with editors.

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How It Works

Working on a gripping fiction novel, penning an insightful non-fiction piece, or compiling essential research documents? Taskade is the only tool you need to get your writing out there. This article will help you research, outline, draft, and refine your masterpiece.


Writing Features in Taskade



Get smart writing suggestions and speed up editing with AI.

Structure your writing with outlines or brainstorm ideas using interactive mind maps.

Enjoy a simple, distraction-free user interface designed to focus on meaningful writing​​.

Navigate drafts with keyboard shortcuts.

Comment on drafts and ideas for extra context.

Write and manage drafts on the go with unlimited sync​​.

Use thousands of templates or create your own to kickstart all kinds of creative projects.

Invite collaborators to co-write, edit, and provide feedback on your writing projects​​ in real time.

💡 Note: Visit the Pricing Page for a full breakdown of features.

Create Your Digital Notebook

You can use workspaces and folders to organize your writing. Each folder and workspace can hold an unlimited number of projects — these are your notes, drafts, and ideas, all in one place.

    1. In the main dashboard, click ➕ in the sidebar on the left.

    2. Enter the name of your workspace and choose a color palette.

    3. Choose an emoji or upload your own workspace logo.

    4. (optional) Share the workspace with others.

    1. Inside your workspace, click the ➕ New Folder button.

    2. Enter the name of your folder and choose a color palette.

    3. Choose an emoji or upload your own workspace logo.

    4. (optional) Share the folder with others.


Create a Document

  1. Open your workspace/folder.

  2. Click ➕ New Project (top-right corner) to create an empty document.

  3. Open your new note and start typing!

💡 Note: Taskade comes with six unique workflows designed to adapt to your writing needs while keeping your content organized. If you're just beginning, start with the 🟡 List/Outline view for a straightforward writing process. Visit ✨ What Are Project Views? to explore different ways of organizing your writing.

Start with an Outline

Whether you're drafting a business plan or working on your next bestseller, you need to plan your document. And what better way is there to kick off a draft than an outline?

  • Start from scratch:

    1. Open a new project and start typing your main points.

    2. To indent an outline level, select a node and press the ⌨️ Tab key.

    3. To outdent an outline level, use the ⌨️ Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut.

    4. Keep going until you've got all your ideas down, nested just right.

  • Let the Workflow Generator guide you:

    1. Click ➕ New Project (top-right corner) in your workspace/folder.

    2. Describe the topic of your document or use one of the available templates.

    3. Press ⌨️ Enter and watch the magic!

  • Use the AI Assistant:

    1. Open your project and type the topic of your document.

    2. Add whatever details you want included.

    3. Type /outline and let the AI Assistant generate a structure for you.

Write and Edit Collaboratively

Collaborative writing is fun if you have the right tools. Edit drafts, ask for feedback, and watch your drafts come to life. It's not just about writing; it's about growing ideas together. 🌱✍️

    1. In your Taskade workspace, open the note you want to share.

    2. Click the Share button in the top right-hand corner and select Invite to Project.

    3. Enter an email address or copy the invite link and share it via email or text.

    4. You can also specify the level of access for users who join.

    1. Select a node or task.

    2. Click the three dots (···) on the right.

    3. Choose 💬 Comment from the list or press C.

    4. Click the 💬 chat balloon icon under a node to view and edit comments.

    1. Click the 📞 Start Call button at the top of the chat window (on the right).

    2. Click Join meeting to start your video call!

Publish Your Writing

Are you ready to publish your writing and connect with your audience? Share your writing with the world using public links or embed documents on your website or blog.

    1. Click the Share button in the top-right corner of your draft.

    2. Select Invite to project and go to the Public tab.

    3. Toggle Share to web on.

    4. (optional) Modify the sharing settings.

    5. Click Copy link and share it online.

    1. Click the Share button in the top-right corner of your draft.

    2. Go to the < > Embed tab and click Copy.

    3. Paste the embed code as an HTML block (WordPress, WIX, and others).


Examples and Templates

Looking for inspiration to kickstart your writing? Explore our collection of customizable templates, perfect for getting your drafts off the ground in no time.

Here are our top picks:



Organize your thoughts and structure your blog posts.

Capture conversations, key points, actionable tasks, and other important details from your meeting.

Unload all your creative thoughts and ideas in an unstructured, free-flowing manner — perfect for when you need to declutter your mind.

Document your adventures or plan your trip with a template that captures places, experiences, and memories.

Set goals, identify target audiences, and plan your marketing activities.

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