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Taskade for Marketing Agencies
Taskade for Marketing Agencies

Use Taskade to coordinate marketing campaigns, manage client communications, and track project progress in your marketing agancy.

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How It Works

Overseeing creative campaigns, streamlining client services, or boosting agency productivity? Taskade is your go-to platform. This guide will walk you through leveraging Taskade for effective agency management, enhancing client interaction, and fostering team collaboration.

Taskade Features for Agencies



Get AI-powered ideas and content for your agency's creative tasks.

Chat and video call with your team and clients.

Manage who can see and do what in your projects and workspaces.

Leave feedback and notes on client projects.

Use and create tailored templates for your agency's activities.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit the πŸ’Έ Pricing Page for a full breakdown of features.

Key Taskade Terminology

Before we dive in, let's review some key terms we're going to use:

  • Workspace: Collection of folders, projects, and templates.

  • Folder: A collection of projects, and templates nested within a workspace.

  • Project: A digital canvas where you can chat and collaborate with your team.

Think of each level as a unique puzzle piece that fits into the big picture of Taskade's structure.

Set Up Your Agency Workspace

To set up your agency workspace in Taskade, consider how your agency operates and choose a structure that best fits your workflow. Here are two effective setups:

​Example #1: One workspace for each team. Separate folders for individual clients.



Creative Team

Folders for different creative clients

Marketing Team

Individual client campaigns and projects

Sales Team

Client account management folders

Example #2: One workspace for your entire agency. Separate folders for individual clients.

Agency Workspace

Client Folders:

Client Alpha Campaigns

Client Beta Campaigns

Client Gamma Campaigns

How to Set This Up:

    1. Open your new workspace and click the βž• New folder button under 🏠 Home.

    2. Enter the name of your folder.

    3. (optional) Choose a folder logo.

    4. (optional) Share your folder.

Kick Off a Brainstorming Session with AI

Brainstorming is where creativity begins. With Taskade's AI Workflow Generator feature, you can tap into AI-powered insights to spark new ideas and perspectives.

    1. Click βž• New Project (top-right corner) in your workspace/folder.

    2. Describe the topic of your project or campaign.

      • You can also use one of the available templates to speed things up.

    3. Press ⌨️ Enter and watch the magic!

    • Click the πŸ“ž Start Call button at the top of the chat window.

    • Enter your name and customize meeting settings (optional).

    • Click Join meeting to start your video call!

Examples and Templates

Not sure where to start? Check these templates designed to streamline project planning, client interactions, and internal workflows. Make sure to visit the Template Catalog for more ideas!



Craft detailed briefs for influencers, outlining campaign goals, messaging, and deliverables for effective influencer partnerships.

Plan and organize your blog content schedule, ensuring timely publication and thematic consistency across posts.

Develop comprehensive marketing strategies, setting clear objectives, target audiences, and promotional tactics.

Use this checklist to systematically review and improve website SEO, enhancing online visibility and search rankings.

Outline your content creation process, from conceptualization to distribution, ensuring alignment with overall marketing goals.

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