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Taskade for Property Management
Taskade for Property Management

Use Taskade to schedule maintenance, track tenant communications, and manage property tasks in one place.

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How It Works

Managing properties, coordinating with tenants, or optimizing operational efficiency? Taskade is the versatile solution for your real estate business. This guide will show you how to harness Taskade for streamlined property management, improving tenant relations and team coordination.

Taskade Features for Property Management



Organize property-related tasks and projects for maintenance, tenant management, and more.

Discuss property issues and updates with your team and tenants through chat and video calls.

Control access to sensitive property documents and communications.

Document communications and updates on property issues directly within tasks and projects.

Store all your property documents in one place.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit the πŸ’Έ Pricing Page for a full breakdown of features.

Key Taskade Terminology

Taskade offers three levels of organization:

  • Workspace: Collection of folders, projects, and templates.

  • Folder: A collection of projects, and templates nested within a workspace.

  • Project: A digital canvas where you can chat and collaborate with your team.

Each level fits into the big picture of Taskade's structure as illustrated in the diagram below.

Establish Your Real Estate Operations

To get your property management workspace ready in Taskade, take a look at how you handle your daily tasks and pick a setup that works best for you. Here's an example:

Example: A single workspace named "Properties" contains folders for each property address. Projects within these folders cover tenants, maintenance, and documents, with tags for tenant type and project status.






123 Maple Street


Type of Tenant (Section 8)


Project Status (Open, In Progress, Completed)

456 Oak Avenue

Lease Agreements

Type of Project (Files & Records)

Rental Payments

Project Status (Up to Date, Late)

789 Pine Lane

Records of Conversations

Type of Project (Communication)

How to Set This Up:

    1. Open your new workspace and click the βž• New folder button under 🏠 Home.

    2. Enter the name of your folder.

    3. (optional) Choose a folder logo.

    4. (optional) Share your folder.

    • Open your workspace or folder and click βž• Tag.

    • Choose one of the default #tags or click βž• New tag to create your own.

    • Name your #tag, choose a color, and click Create.

Use AI to Generate Property Management Documents

Taskade's Workflow Generator simplifies document creation in property management. With this feature, you quickly generate tailored documents, checklists, SOPs, and much more.

    1. Click βž• New Project (top-right corner) in your workspace/folder.

    2. Describe the topic of the document you want to generate.

      • e.g. "Create a comprehensive annual maintenance checklist for a residential apartment complex. Include sections for HVAC system inspection, plumbing checks, electrical system review, safety equipment checks, and common area maintenance."

    3. (optional) Use one of the available templates.

    4. Press ⌨️ Enter and wait for the results.

Watch this short video to learn more about the AI Generator:

Examples and Templates

Not sure where to start? Check these templates designed to streamline project planning, client interactions, and internal workflows.

Make sure to visit the Template Catalog for more ideas!

Prioritize upkeep and ensure compliance with this checklist, covering all essential maintenance tasks from HVAC servicing to pest control for your rental properties.

Conduct detailed property assessments with this template, focusing on habitability, regulatory compliance, and preventive measures to safeguard property value.

Organize and execute building maintenance with a checklist that spans from structural integrity to emergency systems, ensuring longevity and tenant safety.

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