Taskade as a Second Brain
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How It Works

Taskade is a digital extension of your brain, designed to help you manage tasks, organize thoughts, and facilitate collaboration. With Taskade, you can keep track of multiple projects, outline plans, or sort through your ideas and to-dos to clear your mind. This guide will help you get started.

Second Brain Features in Taskade



Organize your work using workspaces, folders, projects, and hashtags.

Create high-level documents with bullets, headings, and much more.

Switch between six unique project views without losing context.

Write and edit faster with smart insights powered by GPT-4 Turbo.

Upload documents, spreadsheets, images, and other attachments.

Keep track of and revert to previous versions of your documents to never lose progress.

Ask AI questions about the contents of your project to make the most of your second brain.

Save and import web content directly into your projects for quick access and organization.

Connect related notes with bidirectional links to quickly navigate your second brain.

Organize Your Second Brain

Building a second brain in Taskade is super intuitive.

There are three levels of organization:

  • Workspace: This is the top level of your second brain. A workspace can contain many folders, each with its own projects and templates. You can dedicate a single workspace to organize your entire life, or use two or three workspaces to separate work from personal stuff.

  • Folder: Just like your brain dedicates certain areas to specific thoughts or topics, a folder in Taskade is where you hone in on a particular aspect of life. For instance, you might have a folder for "Hobbies," another for "Research," and one more for "Client Projects."

  • Project: Think of a project as a blank canvas for all your notes, ideas, plans, schedules, tasks, and even mind maps. This is your space for deep dives into subjects, where every piece of information is a building block toward your understanding of a topic.

Watch the video below for a high-level overview of Taskade's structure:

Create Your Second Brain

You can organize your second brain in many ways. But first, let's deal with the basics:

    1. Open Taskade and click βž• in the sidebar on the left.

    2. Name your workspace and choose an accent color.

    3. Pick an emoji or upload your own icon.

    1. Inside your workspace, click the βž• New Folder button.

    2. Name your folder and choose an accent color.

    3. Pick an emoji or upload your own icon.

Add a New Note

Starting a new note is like opening a new page in your mind's notebook. Here, you can jot down fresh ideas, capture fleeting thoughts, or outline plans for your next big project.

  1. Open your workspace/folder.

  2. Click βž• New Project (top-right corner).

  3. Open your new note and start typing!

πŸ’‘ Note: Taskade allows you to transform your notes in many different ways without losing context. Visit What Are Project Views? to learn how to toggle views.

Add Backlinks to Your Notes

Adding backlinks to your notes makes it easier to see how ideas relate and flow together. Let's make your notes more connected and easier to navigate.

    1. Choose a paragraph or task where you want to add a backlink.

    2. Type @ followed by the title of the target note.

      • You can type a partial title, and Taskade will suggest relevant notes.

    3. Select the target note to create a backlink.

Chat with Your Notes

Elevate your second brain experience to new heights. Engage in interactive conversations with your notes to extract valuable insights or find ways to develop your thoughts and ideas.

    1. Open the AI Chat in your project.

    2. Select Ask Project from the drop-down list at the top.

    3. Start asking questions!

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