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What is the difference between a Workspace and a Folder?
What is the difference between a Workspace and a Folder?

Understand the difference between workspaces and folders in Taskade.

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Workspaces and folders have separate team members, templates, permissions, and projects. A single workspace can contain multiple folders, each acting as a self-contained microcosm that lets you separate your clients, teams, or departments.

πŸ’‘ Note: The example below is just one of many ways you can organize work in Taskade. Experiment with different configurations to find the one that works for you. Visit Hierarchy Structure in Taskade to learn more.


Workspace Home Folder

Each workspace comes with a Home folder when first created. This is the default folder for every workspace. If this folder is deleted the entire workspace will be deleted. This includes all other folders within that workspace.

Workspace Permissions vs. Folder Permissions

There are 5 types of user roles available in a workspace or folder. Users do not automatically inherit the workspace role when invited to folders. The roles that the user will have is dependent on the Folder Permissions settings configured.

The Folder Permissions settings will determine:

  1. The visibility of the folder to members of the workspace

  2. The permissions of workspace members invited to the folder

How Do I Manage My Clients/Teams?

Clients and teams can be invited into Folders with the Invite Only Permission without being invited to the Home folder. This ensures that clients do not have visibility of other folders in the same workspace.

Managing your teams through a single workspace is also more cost effective as all folders within an upgraded workspace have access to Taskade's premium features.

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