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Workspace Navigation Tabs

Move between different sections of your workspace using navigation tabs.

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πŸ€” What Are Workspace Tabs?

Workspace tabs let you quickly access your tasks, templates, and other key features inside a Workspace/Folder. Tabs are located at the top of every Workspace and Folder.

  • πŸ“ Projects: A list of all Projects inside the Workspace/Folder.

  • βœ”οΈ Tasks: An overview of all tasks across Projects in the Workspace/Folder.

  • πŸ€– Agents: All Agents created within the Workspace/Folder

  • πŸ”„ Automations: All Automations inside the Workspace/Folder

  • πŸ“Ž Media: All Media items uploaded to Projects/Agents inside the Workspace/Folder

  • πŸ“ Templates: Custom templates created in the Workspace/Folder.

πŸ’‘ Note: Tasks must be assigned or have a due date to show up in the Tasks tab.

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