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Google Forms Integration

Use the Google Forms automation connector to streamlone data collection.

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Connecting Taskade with Google Forms lets you update and manage forms in response to task completions, new comments, or project milestones for easy data collection.

Google Forms Automation

Using Google Forms as a connector in your automation workflows lets you streamline data handling, reduce manual tasks, and keep your team informed in real-time.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit Getting Started with Automation to learn how to build automations.


Triggers & Actions

Here are the triggers & actions you can use in your workflows:

(TRIGGER) New Response

Initiates a process with a new response in Google Forms.

Automation Settings

Connector options give you full control over the Google Forms automation:




Connect to your Google Forms account. This is a mandatory step to enable the connector to access and trigger actions.


Select the specific Google Form you want to monitor for new responses.

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