✅ Complete/Restore a Project

Whenever you finish a Project, you can either Complete or Delete it (see the next section). Completed Projects are stored in the Archive tab at the top of each Workspace/Folder so they can be quickly restored when you need them.

Follow the steps below to Complete/Restore a Project:

  1. Navigate to a Workspace or Folder
  2. Select a Project from the list and click the check mark circle Screenshot_2022-08-30_at_12.47-fococlipping-standard.png on the right
    • You can also Complete a Project by clicking ••• (top-right) inside a Project
  3. To restore your Project, go to Completed tab at the top of the Workspace/Folder
  4. Select a Project and click the arrow restore-a-project-button.png on the right



❌ Delete a Project

If you no longer need a Project, you can delete it permanently. To do that, navigate to your Workspace/Folder, click ••• (ellipsis) next to the Project title, and select Delete Project delete-project-button.png from the drop-down list.

💡 Note: Deleted Projects cannot be restored!



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