🤔 What Is Two-Way Sync?

Two-way synchronization lets you see your Taskade Projects and tasks in Google Calendar, and vice versa! You can use this feature to add events to a shared Google Calendar and let your clients know what you're working on in Taskade.

💡 Note: You need to upgrade your Workspace to use two-way sync.

⚙️ Enable Google Calendar Two-Way Sync

  1. Click your avatar (top right-hand corner) and open the Settings page.
  2. Select Integrations ➡ Google Calendar.
  3. Click Connect Calendar and follow the instructions.
    • Click "Allow" when asked to grant Taskade access to your Google Calendar.



🐑 Add Tasks From Taskade


1. Open the Workspace or Folder you synced in the previous step



2. Create a Project or task and add a due date



3. The new Project/task will be added as an event to your Google Calendar



🗓️ Add Events in Google Calendar

1. Select a day and add event details. Make sure the calendar selected is Taskade and click Save



2. Open Taskade Calendar and select the new event (marked with a Google Calendar Symbol)

3. Click the event and add it to one of your Projects



✅ Check Sync Status

Workspaces and Folders in the Integrations tab marked with a green radar symbol status.png will sync Projects and tasks with your Google Calendar. Folders in a Workspace are automatically synced. Workspaces that are not synced will show an Upgrade button.



⚡️ Resync Google Calendar

Facing problems with the two-way sync? Here's how to fix them:

  1. Click your profile picture (top-right) and go to "Settings".
  2. Select "Integrations" Google Calendar.
  3. Click "Resync" at the top of the Integrations page.

❌ Remove Google Integration

Follow the steps below to disconnect Taskade from your Google Calendar:

  1. Click your profile picture (top-right) and go to "Settings".
  2. Select "Integrations" Google Calendar.
  3. Click "Disconnect" at the top of the Integrations page.
💡Note: Disconnecting the Google Calendar from your Taskade account will delete the Taskade calendar in your Google Calendar along with any events you created.

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