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Enhance your productivity with the Taskade ChatGPT Plugin.

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What Is the GPT Plugin?

The Taskade ChatGPT plugin lets you manage workspaces, projects, and tasks within your Taskade account using ChatGPT's conversational interface. Here's everything you need to know.

Install the Plugin

  1. Log into the Taskade account you want to connect to ChatGPT.

  2. In a new browser tab, go to https://chat.openai.com/auth/login.

  3. Sign up or log in if you already have an OpenAI account.

  4. Click the model selector at the top and choose Plugins from the list.


Go to the plugin store and install the Taskade plugin.


When asked to grant ChatGPT access to your Taskade account, click Allow.


Use the Plugin

  1. Select the Plugin drop-down again and enable the plugin.

  2. Congratulations! You can now interact with Taskade via ChatGPT. πŸ₯³


Available Actions

There are many creative ways to use the plugin. Here are a few ideas:




Workspace Management

Create a project in a workspace

Create a new project within a specific workspace.

Get all workspaces

Retrieve a list of all workspaces associated with the account.

Get all folders for a workspace

Access all folders within a specific workspace.

Project Management

Copy a project to a folder

Duplicate an existing project into a different folder.

Create a project in a folder

Start a new project directly within a specific folder.

Get share link for a project

Retrieve a shareable link for a project.

Enable Share Link in a Project

Activate the sharing capability for a project's link.

Task Management

Get all tasks for a project

View all tasks associated with a specific project.

Complete a task in a project

Mark a task as completed.

Create a task in a project

Add new tasks to a project.

Delete a task in a project

Remove an existing task from a project.

Assign a task

Assign tasks to specific user.

Add a due date

Set or modify a due date for a task.

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