Manage a Workspace

Add or remove workspace members and set permissions.

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Add / Remove Workspace Members

You can easily add/remove workspace members and modify their roles/permissions:

  1. Open your workspace and click β–½ next to its name.

  2. Select πŸ‘₯ Members from the drop-down list.

    • You can also click Settings to see all workspace options.

  3. Taskade will show you a list of workspace members and their roles.

    • βž• To add a user, enter their email/username or share an invite link.

    • ❌ To remove a user, click on their role and select Remove.

πŸ’‘ Note: Team members who are removed from a workspace will lose access to all projects and folders inside that workspace!



Manage Projects in Bulk

You can copy, move, and delete multiple projects in a workspace.

  1. Open any of your workspaces.

  2. Press and hold the Shift key and left-click projects to select them.

  3. Right-click to Copy, Move, or Delete the selected project.

Move a Project

Want to quickly move projects between workspaces? Here's how to do that:

  • Click & hold the project you want to move with the left mouse button.

  • Drag the project to the target workspace in the navigation pane on the left.

  • Drop the project to move it to the workspace.


Open Workspace Settings

Workspace settings give you a high-level overview of your workspace, including:

  • Active plan

  • Payment method

  • Billable members

  • Next payment

  • Folders and projects

  • Invoices

To access workspace settings:

  1. Open your workspace and click β–½ next to its name.

  2. Select βš™οΈ Settings from the drop-down list.


Set Workspace Permissions

User Roles let you define the level of access for each member of a workspace:

  1. Navigate to your workspace.

  2. Click β–½ next to the workspace name and select πŸ‘₯ Members.

    • Alternatively, click the Share button in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Set roles for existing team members.



πŸ¦„ Owner

Owners can fully configure and edit projects and templates, manage Project/workspace settings, and customize billing options.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Admin

Admins can fully configure and edit projects/templates and manage projects/workspace settings.

✍️ Editor

Editors can create and edit projects/templates in a workspace. They cannot manage Project or workspace settings.

βœ… Checker

Checkers can complete and comment on tasks. They cannot edit tasks, projects, or templates.

πŸ€“ Viewer

Viewers can only comment and chat in projects. They cannot create or edit projects or templates in a workspace.

Rename a Workspace

Here's how to quickly rename your workspace:

  1. Open your workspace and click β–½ next to its name.

  2. Choose Edit from the drop-down list and type a new name.

  3. Click Update to confirm.


Archive / Restore a Workspace

If you no longer need your workspace, you can archive it. Here's how to do that:

  • Archive a workspace:

    1. Click β–½ next to your workspace name and select πŸ—ƒ Archive .

    2. The archived workspace will disappear from the navigation menu .

    3. You can find all your archived workspaces in βš™οΈ Settings ➑ πŸ—ƒ Archives tab .


  • Restore a workspace:

    • Click the three dots (Β·Β·Β·) next to its name in πŸ—ƒ Archives

    • Select Restore workspace from the list.


Delete a Workspace

To permanently delete a workspace:

  1. Click β–½ next to the name of your workspace.

  2. Select πŸ—‘ Delete workspace from the drop-down list.

  3. Enter the Workspace name to confirm

πŸ’‘ Note: This deletion is permanent, the workspace cannot be recovered


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