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User Roles & Permissions

Set user roles and permissions for members of your workspaces, folders, and projects.

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What Are User Roles?

Are you a freelancer who works with multiple clients? Do you run your own business with multiple teams and departments? Taskade User Roles let you define the level of access other users have to your projects, workspaces, and folders.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit Hierarchy Structure to learn how to organize your workflows.

Set User Roles (Workspace/Folder)

  1. Navigate to a workspace/folder.

  2. Click the Λ… arrow next to your workspace name and select πŸ‘₯ Members.

  3. Set roles for existing workspace members or invite others.


Set User Roles (Projects)

  1. Navigate to a project.

  2. Click your Profile Photo (to the left of the Share button).

  3. Set roles for existing Project members or invite others.

πŸ’‘ Note: Team members with access to your main Workspace will not automatically have access to any Folders you create.


5 Types of User Roles

You can set the following user roles/permissions:

πŸ¦„ Owner

Owners can fully configure and edit Projects and templates, manage Project/Workspace settings, and customize billing options.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Admin

Admins can fully configure and edit Projects/templates and manage Projects/Workspace settings.

✍️ Editor

Editors can edit projects/templates in a workspace. They cannot manage project/workspace settings.

βœ… Checker

Checkers can complete and comment on tasks. They cannot edit tasks, Projects, or templates.

πŸ€“ Viewer

Viewers can only comment and chat in Projects. They cannot create or edit Projects or templates in a Workspace.

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