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Guide to Writing Agent Prompts
Guide to Writing Agent Prompts
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What Are Custom Prompts?

Custom Prompts are tailored instructions you can use to guide the behavior and responses of your Taskade Agents. They come in two forms:

  1. Agent Instructions / System Prompt: A System Prompt defines the general behavior and parameters of your agent, influencing how it responds to different scenarios.

  2. Agent Commands: These are specific instructions that can be called in the project editor using /slash commands followed by the name of the custom command.

💡 Note: Visit Custom GPT Agents to set up your first custom agent.

Master Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the art of designing instructions that help AI understand and respond in just the right way. It's key to making your conversations with Custom Agents clear and on-point. Here are a few tips that will help you get started:

1. Assign Personas: Tell AI to assume a persona for more tailored answers.

"You are a fitness coach. Provide exercise recommendations based on the user's described fitness level."

2. Prioritize Clarity: Ensure that instructions are clear to reduce misinterpretations.

"You are a recipe bot. List ingredients and steps for simple vegetarian dishes, avoiding any use of meat or fish."

3. Provide Details: Add specific details to guide the AI's response style and content.

"Respond to each query with a positive affirmation, followed by a concise, informative answer."

4. Break down complex tasks: Use clear formatting, like bullets, for complex instructions.

"1. Briefly summarize the news article. 2. Highlight key points. 3. End with a question to engage the user."

5. Specify Knowledge: Define the extent of the knowledge the AI uses.

"Use the historical events database to answer questions. Stick to the database info, and if it's not there, acknowledge the limitation."

6. Define the Style: Specify the tone or style for the AI's responses.

"Reply in a friendly, informal tone, as if you're chatting with a friend."

7. Avoid Assumptions: Leave no room for improvisation (creative tasks are an exception).

"When asked about global events, provide context from recent news before responding. Browse the Internet if your database lacks the context."

8. Iterate: Use follow-up prompts to refine or correct previous responses.

"Earlier, you mentioned a few benefits of meditation. Can you elaborate on how it improves focus and stress management?"

9. Leverage Examples: Provide examples to guide the AI in generating similar content.

"Here's a brief story about a space adventure. Now, create a similar story set in an underwater world."

10. Set Constraints: Clearly define what the AI should not do or mention in its response.

"Explain the process of photosynthesis without using scientific jargon and in a way a young child would understand."

Create Agent Instructions / System Prompt

Here's how to define a system prompt for your agent:

  1. Select your agent in the Agents tab.

  2. Choose the General tab on the left.

  3. Type the System Prompt in the INSTRUCTIONS box.

    • (optional) 🏷️ Click View prompts to open the Prompt Gallery.

  4. Click Update to save the changes.


Create Custom Prompts

Here's how to define a system prompt for your agent:

  1. Select your agent in the Agents tab.

  2. Choose the Commands tab on the left.

  3. Click ➕ New command and define the prompts:

    • 🔤 Name: Choose a name that will pop up when you type / + "command name"

    • ⏩ Prompt: Define the behavior of the custom command (see the next section).

    • 🛠️ Tools: Enable additional tools and skills:

      • 🧭 Background Task: Execute commands in the background.

      • 🧭 Web Search: Give the agent internet access.

  4. Click Create to save the changes.


Choose a Language for AI Responses

AI responds in the language of a prompt. Here's how to change the output language:

  • (method #1) Specify language in the prompt.

    • e.g. "Respond in Spanish: What's the weather like in Madrid?"

  • (method #2) Provide context in the target language.

    • e.g. "¿Cómo está el clima en Madrid?" will receive a response in Spanish.

Use the Prompt Templates Library

  1. Click your profile avatar in the top-right corner.

  2. Choose 🏷️ AI Prompts button from the drop-down list.

    • You can also access prompt in the agent creation menu (see the previous step).

  3. Choose a prompt and click Copy to save it to the clipboard.

  4. Use the prompt as your agent's System Prompt or Custom Prompts.


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