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What Are Recent Projects?

The πŸ•“ Recent tab shows the projects you have visited and have been invited to.

View Recent Projects

  1. Navigate to your workspace.

  2. Click the πŸ•“ button in the left navigation bar.


Filter Recent Projects

You can filter your Recent Projects in several ways:

  1. 🟒 Owned by anyone

  2. 🟑 Owned by me (projects you have created)

  3. πŸ”΅ Not owned by me (projects others have shared with you)

  4. 🟣 Member of spaces (projects in a workspaces/folder you have access to)

  5. 🟠 Not member of spaces (projects in a space you don't have access to).

πŸ’‘ Note: You can track projects you've been invited to in the Shared with me tab.

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