Shared With Me

Access projects that have been shared with you for easy collaboration.

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What Is Shared With Me?

Taskade users can invite you to their projects even if you're not a member of their workspace. The Shared with me menu lets you access those projects in one place.


Access Shared Projects

To see the Projects you've been invited to:

  1. Click the Shared with me button in the navigation menu on the left.

  2. From there, click any of the projects to open it.

💡 Note: To leave a shared project, click the three dots (···) in the top-right corner of the project and select Leave Project from the drop-down menu.


Shared Folders

👥 Shared with me also shows all Folders you're invited to. You don't own shared Folders, but you can still edit or view Projects depending on your level of access.


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