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Custom AI Agents for Legal Teams
Custom AI Agents for Legal Teams
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How It Works

In this guide, we'll show you how to use Taskade's Custom AI Agents in your legal practice. You'll learn what agents are and how they can help you:

  • πŸ”Ά Assist with legal writing and case summarization.

  • πŸ”Ά Provide expertise on specific subject matters.

  • πŸ”Ά Suggest recommended document formatting.

  • πŸ”Ά Improve your reasoning and argumentation.

What Are AI Agents?

AI Agents are smart tools that automate tasks such as research and content creation. They save you time by handling routine activities inside projects.

Check this video guide for a quick introduction. πŸ‘‡

Create a Legal Advisor Agent

There are two ways to build AI agents in Taskade β€” you can start from scratch (advanced method), or choose from dozens of AI agent templates.

For the purpose of this guide, we're going to use the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent template.

    • Go to the Agents tab in the workspace/folder.

    • Click βž• Create agent.

You're now in the Agent Creator:

  • Choose the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent template from the list.

  • Create a unique name for your custom agent.

  • Select an avatar or upload your own.

  • Click Create to save the new agent.

Train the New Agent

Our πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent starts with some basic knowledge, but it needs context to be more effective. You can train the agent on using anything from court filings to legal memos and briefs. The more varied the documents, the better equipped the agents will be to provide tailored assistance across a range of legal scenarios.

Here are a few document types you can use:

Legal case documents

Legal research materials

Annotations or commentary on cases

Statutes, regulations, legislative history

Citation guidelines

Articles from legal journals

Argumentation and negotiation materials

Precedent-setting case laws

Historical legal documents

Legal textbooks and treatises

Subject-matter specific resources

Specialized legal databases

    • Go to the Agents tab in your workspace.

    • Hover the mouse cursor over the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent.

    • Click the ✏️ Edit agent button on the right.

  • Choose the Knowledge tab on the left.

    1. (method #1) Click the box under ADD SOURCES and select the file.

    2. (method #2) Drag & drop the file from your device.

  • Enable the Knowledge toggle in the top-right corner.

  • Click Update to save changes.

πŸ’‘ Note:The πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent works best with .txt, .pdf, or .docx files.

Use the Agent in Your Legal Practice

There are several ways you can interact with your agent:

    1. Go back to the Agents tab.

    2. Select the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent.

    3. Start a conversation and ask your agent questions.

🧩 Example: Enhance your courtroom strategy by engaging with in an interactive rehearsal with the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent. Upload your case files and notes as agent knowledge or describe the details, and ask the agent will adopt the role of opposing counsel. This exercise will help you to refine your arguments and uncover any potential weaknesses in your case.

    1. Open a project in the workspace/folder.

    1. Select the text and type type / + "name of a custom command."

      • You don't need to type the entire command.

    2. Press ⌨️ Enter to execute the command.

🧩 Example: Type or paste your contracts or memos into the project editor and use an agent command to apply Bluebook standards to your citations. Read Add Custom Commands to learn how to create your own commands.

    1. Open a project and click the chat balloon icon πŸ’¬ (bottom-right).

    2. Click the button at the top of the chat window.

    3. Choose the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent from the list.

      • Type your prompts to interact with the agent.

      • Type "/" to show the list of custom agent commands.

    4. Click Copy to save the output, or Add to Project to paste it into the editor.

🧩 Example: Describe a case in a project and ask the πŸ‘© Legal Advisor agent to summarize the legal rules and reasoning used by the court.

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