Taskade Chrome Extension
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What Is Taskade Chrome Extension?

Taskade Chrome Extension turns your New Tab into a productivity machine. With this extension, your goals and ideas are always just one tab away. Set Taskade to open in a new browser tab and use a powerful Web Clipper to capture content from the Web.

πŸ’‘ Note: All browser extensions support Markdown syntax. Visit Markdown Support to learn about all the other ways you can use Markdown in Taskade.

Add the Extension

  1. Go to the chrome web store and click Add to Chrome

  2. Click Add extension to confirm the installation in the pop-up prompt

  3. Set Chrome to open Taskade in a new tab


πŸ’‘ Note: If you're using other extensions that modify tab behavior, you may need to reinstall the Taskade extension in a different order to ensure compatibility.

Customize Extension Options

  1. Right-click the Taskade logo in the Chrome toolbar

  2. Click Options to manage the extension

  3. Customize Taskade's behavior when opening a new tab

    • πŸ‘ˆ Last Project (resume your most recent Project)

    • πŸŽ› Dashboard (manage your Projects and Workspaces)

    • 🌱 New Project (Start a new Project)

    • πŸ—“ Calendar (Open the Taskade Calendar)

    • ⭐️ Default (open a default new tab in your browser)

  4. Click Save to confirm your choice



That's it! You've turned your browser into a productivity machine. Let's GTD! ⚑️

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