Recurring Tasks

Set up recurring tasks in Taskade to automate repetitive activities.

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What Are Recurring Tasks?

The Recurring Tasks features allows you to manage tasks that repeat on regular basis (weekly meetings, anniversaries, 1-on-1s). You can set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Set Up Recurring Tasks

  1. Create a project and add the task you want to repeat.

  2. Click the βž• button next to a task and select πŸ—“οΈ Due Date.

  3. Set the time, and frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).

  4. If you do not choose a time for the task, you will receive a reminder at midnight.

πŸ’‘ Note: The next repetition of a recurring task will only appear in the project when the current task has been completed.


Recurring Tasks Intervals



🟒 Daily

Every day after the day you set the recurring task

🟑 Weekly

Every week starting from the day you set the recurring task

πŸ”΄ Monthly

Every month starting from the day you set the recurring task

πŸ”΅ Yearly

Every year starting from the day you set the recurring task

🟠 Custom

Set custom repeat intervals to Day, Week, Month, or Year

Custom Intervals

You can further modify recurring tasks and set custom intervals:

  • Repeat every ___ day/week/month/year.

  • On the ___ day/Monday/Tuesday/Wedneday etc.

πŸ’‘ Note: To see the options for specific days, select the Week option within "Repeat Every" after selecting Custom


Number of Repeats

You can also set the number of times a task will repeat:

  1. Choose the Custom recurring setting.

  2. Choose After from the drop-down list under the ENDS field.

  3. Choose the number of repeats.


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