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Create & Use Templates

Save time by starting with pre-designed layouts tailored to your specific project needs.

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What Are Templates?

Templates are pre-designed, customizable layouts that provide a structured framework for organizing and capturing information in a project. They will help you save time, improve productivity, promote consistency, and enhance creativity. All templates are shared automatically with everyone in the Workspace or Folder.

Use Default Templates

  1. Create a new Project inside a Workspace or a Folder

  2. Select one of the templates organized into categories (left navigation bar)

  3. If you don't see the right template, use the search bar to find more options

  4. Click Create and get work done!

Create a New Template

  1. Select a Workspace or Folder

  2. Click on the drop down icon and select Templates

3. Click ➕ Create a template to create a custom template for the selected Workspace/Folder. Start typing to enter an Edit mode.

💡 Note: The Add-ons Menu is disabled in the Edit mode.

3. Once you're done editing the new template, return to your Workspace/Folder and click ➕ New project. The template will appear in the Custom Templates category.

Copy a Template

You can reuse your custom templates across different workspaces and folders:

  1. Go to a Workspace/Folder ➡ Templates tab.

  2. Hover the cursor over the template you want to copy and click "···".

  3. Click "Copy Template".

  4. Choose the target Workspace/Folder.

Remove Custom Templates

Follow the steps below to delete any templates you no longer use:

  1. Go to a Workspace/Folder ➡ Templates tab.

  2. Move the mouse cursor of the template you want to delete and click "···"

  3. Choose 🗑️ Delete Template from the dropdown list.


Convert Projects To Templates

Did you realize a project you created would work great as a template? Follow these steps to convert your project into a template.

  1. Go to a Project you wanted converted to a Template.

  2. Click on the Triple Dot Menu in the top right corner of the project.

  3. Click on Add to Template.

  4. Select the Workspace/Folder you wish to add the template to.

💡 Note: Projects are not deleted when converted to Templates, a copy of the project is converted into a Template

Schedule a Template

You can schedule the template to create projects automatically, for a one-time creation on a specific date and time or to have it recur at regular intervals (e.g. every day at 8:00 a.m. a project using the template will be created). Here's how it works:

  1. Open a workspace or folder.

  2. Navigate to the Templates tab at the top.

  3. Click the 🗓️ Schedule button underneath the template you want to schedule.

  4. Choose the frequency and time.

  5. Click Schedule to confirm the changes.

💡 Note: Visit 🗓️ Schedule Templates to learn more.

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