⚡ Taskade Chat 101

Say goodbye to the days of switching between multiple task management tools and business communication apps! 👋 Taskade's Chat feature makes it super easy for you and your team to communicate and get work done, wherever you are.


There are two ways to invite people to a discussion:

  1. ✉️ Invite them using an email address or Taskade username
  2. 🔗 Copy a Project invite link and send it via text or email



🪄 Hide the Chat Window

No collaborators in the Project? Toggle the Chat window in by clicking the 💬 speech balloon icon (top-right corner) or use a ⌨️ ⌘ + \ (Mac) or ⌨️ Ctrl + \ (Windows) shortcut.



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Use Taskade with your team to start collaborating right away! Chat, organize, and get things done, together.