Countdown (Pomodoro) Timer
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What Is the Countdown Timer?

Struggling to keep track of the time you spend on completing tasks? Taskade includes a built-in Countdown Timer you can add to tasks and sub-tasks. The timer will help you run Pomodoro sessions, take regular breaks, and even pace video presentations.

Once the countdown ends all members of the Project will be sent a:

  • 🌐 Browser notification

  • πŸ“± Mobile notification

  • βœ‰οΈ Email notification

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit Push Notification Settings to learn more.

Set a Timer

  1. Select a task, sub-task, or heading where you want to add a timer.

    • You can add multiple timers in one project.

  2. Click βž• next to a task to open the Add-ons menu.

  3. Select ⏱ Timer from the list or press T on your keyboard.

  4. Type in the duration of the task/sub-task.

  5. Press Enter and the timer will start counting down.

πŸ’‘ Note: You can quickly set Pomodoro timers using Slash Commands? Type "/timer" anywhere in your project and choose one of the presets.


Click the timer again to ⏸️ Pause or ⏹️ Stop the countdown.


Add multiple timers to set up your own πŸ… Pomodoro session.


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