Outlining 101
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What Is Outlining?

Outlining is the process of creating hierarchies to contain whatever you’re thinking or working on. An outline breaks complex processes into smaller, more manageable bits.

The Benefits of Outlining

If you're a writer, you can use outlining for taking notes and structuring documents. But a project outliner like Taskade is a much more versatile tool that’s excellent for:

  • πŸͺ¨ Breaking complex ideas/problems into smaller steps

  • βœ… Managing all your tasks in an organized way

  • πŸ‘‘ Visualize all kinds of hierarchical systems

  • πŸ‘ Planning and managing projects

  • πŸ’¬ Preparing a meeting agenda/talking points

  • πŸ“ Connecting the dots and visualizing links between ideas

  • πŸ”„ Creating reusable checklists, workflows, and templates

Outlining Terminology

Taskade is a true outliner. That means it can "understand" relationships between outline elements (nodes). To better visualize those connections, outline elements are commonly referred to as Parents and Children.

  • 🌳 Parents (Tasks)

    • You start an outline (Project) on Taskade by creating tasks.

    • A task is equivalent to a bullet point in the traditional sense.

    • A task occupies the highest level of an outline hierarchy.

  • πŸƒ Children (Sub-Tasks)

    • Sub-tasks are the children of a parent task.

    • A sub-task is β€œnested” or indented under its parent task.

    • Every sub-task is also a task, so each sub-task can have its own sub-tasks.


The easiest way to highlight the relationship between tasks and subtasks is to indent/nest lower-level elements in a hierarchy.

  1. To indent, select a task and press the ⌨️ Tab Key.

    • You can create an unlimited number of sub-tasks in a hierarchy.

  2. To outdent, use the ⌨️ Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut.

Fold / Unfold

Outlining gives you the power to hide or show outline levels. Here's how it works:

  1. Select the top task in an outline level.

  2. Click the arrow β–½ to the left of the task to fold the level.

  3. Click the arrow again to unfold the level.

πŸ’‘ Note: Press Ctrl/⌘ + ⬆ to fold or Ctrl/⌘ + ⬇ to unfold outline levels.

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