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Project #hashtags

Use hashtags within projects to categorize and filter for related tasks.

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\What Are Projects #hashtags?

#Hashtags are a powerful feature in Taskade that improves Project organization. For instance, you can group tasks on your daily to-do into #Today and #Tomorrow and quickly filter the contents of your list by clicking the relevant hashtag. It's that simple!

πŸ’‘ Note: Want to organize a Workspace or Folder instead? Visit Create, Edit, & Filter by Tags to learn how to add color-coded tags to a list of Projects.

Add and Use Hashtags

  1. Open a Project and select the task your want to #hashtag.

  2. Type # followed by the name of your new hashtag and press Enter.

  3. Click on the #hashtag again to show all tasks that include it.


Use Autocomplete

Managing Project t is even easier with autocomplete. Type # anywhere in your Project and Taskade will show you a list of existing #hashtags in one place!


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