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πŸ€” What Is Edit Workspace Menu?

The Edit Workspace menu lets you change the workspace name, icon, and color. It also allows you to define global workspace settings like chat visibility and completed tasks.

Here's how to access the Edit Workspace menu:

  1. Open your workspace and click β–Ό next to its name.

  2. Click the ✏️ Edit button at the top of the list.

  3. Use the left navigation pane to move between tabs.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit πŸ›  Manage a Workspace for more tips & tricks.


🎚️ General Settings

In the "General" tab, you can change workspace name, icon, and color.


πŸ” Security Settings

In the "Project" tab, you can change default project preferences:

  • βœ… Enable hide completed: Hide completed tasks for every project in the space.

  • πŸ’¬ Hide chat: Hide the chat box for all projects in the space.

  • πŸ”— Disable share link: Project collaborators can only be invited via email.

πŸ’‘Note: Project preferences are designed only to set the initial state but can be modified inside individual projects. When a preference is enabled, all new projects will automatically inherit it.


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