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Manage Tasks

Discover the advanced features you can enable for every task, including AI agents, comments, file uploads, and media embedding.

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What You Can Do With a Task

Every task you add to a project comes with a set of Add-ons that enable advanced task features like comments, file uploads, media embedding, and more.



πŸ€– AI Agent

Create and deploy autonomous GPT agents to automate tasks.

πŸ€– AI Assistant

Use the power of AI to brainstorm, write, edit, and organize.

πŸ—“οΈ Due Date

Set and track deadlines for tasks.

πŸ‘€ Assign

Assign tasks to yourself or other project members.

πŸ’¬ Comment

Engage in discussions, provide feedback, or clarify details.

πŸ“€ Upload File

Attach and share documents, images, or other files.

πŸ”— Embed

Integrate external links, videos, or other resources.

⏱️ Timer

Track time spent on tasks with a built-in timer.

Give feedback or vote.

Use Task Add-Ons

There are two ways to access the Add-ons menu inside projects:

  • Method #1

    • Select a task and click the βž• plus icon on the right to show Add-ons.

    • Select one of the available options.

  • Method #2

    • Type / + the name of the add-on you want to use.

    • Press ⌨️ Enter to use the suggested add-on.

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit Slash Commands to learn more.


Set Due Dates

Add due dates or date ranges to schedule your tasks.

due dates.png

Add Comments

Give your team feedback or add a note a note for yourself with comments.


Upload Attachments

Upload all kinds of files and attachments.


Embed Media

Embed online resources or content from services like YouTube and Figma.


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