What is Outlining?

Outlining is the process of creating hierarchies to contain whatever you're thinking or working on.

Once you get the hang of it, outlining using Taskade is highly efficient and productive. Adding, deleting, and reorganizing things are super easy with keyboard shortcuts and more.

It's much harder to do the same on paper because you can't predict how much space you should leave out.

Use hierarchies to break down your tasks into smaller steps.

Managing multiple tasks, projects, and teams can be very difficult. You need to keep all the information, tasks, and notes somewhere so you can retrieve them and be reminded of them when needed. That usually means a long and unorganized todo list with a bunch of Word documents. And that usually means hours wasted in finding and organizing things.

That's where Taskade comes in. If you naturally think of tasks as consisting of smaller steps, using an outliner is a no-brainer. Taskade makes it very flexible and easy to organize anything.


Terminologies in Taskade

Tasks (Parents)
You start an outline (project) on Taskade by creating tasks. A task is equivalent to a bullet point in the traditional sense.  

Subtasks (Children)
Sub-tasks are the children of a parent task. Each sub-task is also a task, so each sub-task can have sub-tasks, etc., infinitely.

For example, here "get things done" and "instant collaboration" are two subtasks of the task "Taskade to the moon":

  • Taskade to the moon

    • get things done

    • instant collaboration


Indentation is how you can tell a task is the subtask of another task. Press Tab on your keyboard to indent a task on Taskade, and Shift + Tab to outdent a task.

Having extra space to the left means a task is under the previous task. If the left end of two tasks align, they are on the same level of hierarchy.


Fold / Unfold

This is where the magic begins. Unlike your word processor, which only knows about pages and paragraphs, the outliner knows which tasks are the subtasks of other tasks.

Fold (collapse) a task to hide its subtasks. 


Unfold (expand) is the reverse operation of fold. If you want to quickly reference something in another section, you can expand it. 



Outliner benefits

The hierarchical structure of an outline makes it easier to capture your thoughts and get things done. 

We have explained how indenting and folding tasks can make it easier to organize your stuff. Breaking tasks into smaller steps makes it easier to track and complete them.

Lastly, you can look at top-level tasks and quickly determine where the tasks belong. Rinse and repeat, you'll quickly find the things you're looking for. If you have written down everything without structure, it's impossible to do the same.

Further Reading

Outliner - Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outliner 

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