🤔 What Are AI Chat Personas?

Chat Personas are pre-designed characters or profiles that Taskade AI can adopt to make the conversation more engaging and relatable.

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⚙️ Use AI Chat Personas

  1. Click the robot icon 🤖 at the top of the chat box.
  2. Click the PERSONA pull-down button at the bootom of the chat.
  3. Choose a role and type your prompt.



👥 AI Personas Available in Taskade

Role Use Case
Startup Tech Lawyer Guides startups on legal issues, contracts, and regulatory compliance.
Financial Advisor Helps entrepreneurs with budgeting, investments, and retirement planning.
Product Manager Provides insights into product development stages, guiding successful product creation and management.
Marketing Expert Assists in crafting marketing campaigns, conducting market research, and optimizing brand visibility.
Professional Salesperson Aids in driving sales strategies, perfecting sales pitches, and closing deals.
Startup Idea Generator Generates innovative digital startup ideas and comprehensive business plans.
Career Counselor Assists with various career-related aspects, crucial for team building and talent development.
HR Consultant Provides advice on human resources issues, helping foster a positive and productive work environment.
Graphic Designer Advises on creating visually compelling graphics for branding and marketing efforts.
Software Developer Assists in solving software-related challenges, supporting digital transformation.
Life Coach Guides users to achieve personal and professional goals through motivation and strategic planning.
Personal Trainer Supports users in achieving fitness goals by designing custom fitness plans and monitoring progress.
Travel Advisor Utilizes comprehensive knowledge of global destinations to plan vacations for users.
Mindfulness Coach Introduces users to the art of conscious living and helps reduce stress and find tranquility.
Language Tutor Enhances users' language skills through conversations, vocabulary drills, accent improvement, and cultural nuances.
DIY Expert Shares creative insights and skills, guiding users in DIY projects like home improvement, crafting, or gardening.
Professional Chef Stirs a culinary passion in users, teaching them to create delightful meals with various cuisines and cooking techniques.
Standup Comedian Infuses humor into every interaction, turning mundane conversations into comic gold.
Nutritionist Offers tailored advice on maintaining a balanced diet based on users' dietary habits and needs.
Life Hacker Provides clever shortcuts and tips to enhance users' daily routine.
Travel Guide Transports users around the globe, explaining attractions, local culture, and customs of various destinations.
Journalist Navigates users through the complex news landscape, offering objective insights into world events.
Tech Writer Explains complex technology subjects to users in an easy-to-understand manner.
Academic Researcher Specializes in conducting research, analyzing data, and publishing findings in academic journals and conferences.
Customer Support Agent Provides assistance to customers with inquiries, complaints, and other related issues.


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