Desktop Widgets
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How It Works

You can now add Taskade widgets to your MacOS desktop, bringing a new level of convenience to managing your daily workflow.

Add Desktop Widgets

  1. Press the Control key and right-click your desktop wallpaper.

  2. Select Edit Widgets... from the drop-down menu.

  3. Search for the Taskade widget in the widget gallery.

  4. There are two ways to add widgets from the gallery:

    • Click the widget or the βž• plus button next to it.

    • Drag the widget to the desired location on the desktop.

  5. To change the position of the new widget, drag it to a different location.

  6. When you're finished adding widgets, click Done in the bottom-right corner.

Remove Widgets

  1. Press the Control key and right-click the widget.

  2. Choose Remove Widget from the drop-down list.

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