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What Are Comments?

Context is everything when you're collaborating remotely across several time zones. Taskade lets you add comments to tasks and sub-tasks to keep everybody on the same page. Use Project comments to give feedback, ask questions, and provide instructions.

Add a Comment

  1. Choose a task/sub-task you want to comment on

  2. Click the βž• plus icon to open the Add-ons Menu

  3. Select πŸ’¬ Comments or press C

  4. Type your comment and click to send it.

πŸ’‘ Note: To learn more about add-ons, visit βž• Task Add-Ons.


Use Markdown in Comments

You can use Markdown syntax to communicate with your team in comments. Add the following Markdown syntax to your text to apply Markdown in a comment:

  • Block quote β€” > text

  • Code block β€” ```code```

  • Ordered list β€” 1. Item

  • Unordered list β€” +, *, -

πŸ’‘ Note: Visit βœ”οΈ Markdown Support to learn more about using Markdown.


Attach Screencast Videos

You can record your screen with the Screencast feature and attach the video recordings directly to project comments. Here's how it works.

πŸ’‘ Note: Screencast is also available in the project chat.

  • Open an existing task comment or add a new one (see the previous section).

  • Click the πŸ–₯️ Screencast button.

  • Choose screencast from to pop-up menu.

  • Select which part of your screen you want to share.

  • Click Share to capture the screen.

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